The things I HATE about Japanese women!!

Japanese dating

Japanese women can be really popular from guys through the entire world. Japanese women can respect guys and behave like they really support guys. Compare to other coutries women, Japanese women always listen to what you say and try to understand your points.

But, there are couple of points I hate about them. Let tell you what they are. I hope this helps if you are thinking going on a date with Japanese women or in a relationship with them.

1.They don’t say what they really think


Most Japanese women are shy compared to other country’s women. And sometimes they hold back what they really want to say. They would think like “If I said this, he’d hate me” or something like this. For Non-Japanese guys would think “I don’t know what they think” or “they are not honest”.

So when you go on a date with Japanese women, you neeed to understand her and let them relax and tell them they can say whatever they want to say.

2.Emotionally immature

There are so many women who think “We have to text every single day” and “We have to see each other every single weekend”. Sometimes you’d feel like they are high school kids or something. If you ignored them or didn’t text them back, they’d say “Do you really like me?” or something and you’d get sick of that.

So you better not go on a date with that kind of woman because you’d get emotionally exhausted.

3.Too serious about PDA

Like hugging and kissing in public is not the things in Japan and people don’t do that often. Even in private, they don’t show affection that much. So you need to understand that as a culture.

4. They care too much about your career

Japanese women care about your career and job or occupation a little too much. If you don’t have a good job or respectful job, they ‘d not think you’re relationship marterial. In Japan, when people get married, they always have to get their parents permission. And to get permissions you need to have a solid job, that’s why they care about that stuff. So

if you want to date with Japanese women, keep that in your mind.

These 4 things are what I hate about Japanese women. But don’t get me wrong. They are wonderful and respectful and have so many great points. You just need to find the right person. Also if you have trouble with finding the girls who you want to date, hit the link below there are many qualified women out there.


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