The best way to go difrectly to your hotel from the Haneda, Narita airport in Japan [NearMe airport]

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Hello there! in this article, I’m introducing the best way to go directly to your hotel from the airport in Japan. When you travel, especially after a long flight, going to your accommodation could be the most annoying thing to do. Japan has great transportation system but sometimes it could be confusing for foreigners. As you know Japan doesn’t have Uber or Lyft or any kind of system like that, the thing they have is taxis. But the price is absurd. You wouldn’t be able to know how much it would be until you get to your destination by taxi. The taxi system in Japan sucks.

“NearMe airport” is the answer for you!!

NearMe airport has great services and the price is way cheaper than taxi. Also, it’s so simple to use. Here’s what they have.

  • Door to Door service, they take you straight to your destination.
  • They won’t charge if you miss the flight or it is delayed.
  • Well-trained driver
  • Door to Door service, we take you straight to your destination.
  • We won’t charge if you miss the flight or it is deyed.
  • Well-trained driver
  • Earn miles when boarding (for ANA or JAL boarding)
  • Crew members carry out temperature measurements, regular ventilation and disinfection and masks are essential.
  • Pay online safely for your peace of mind.

How much would it be cheaper??

NearMe airport makes your travel to your hotels way cheaper! For example, if you want to go to Shinjuku from Haneda airport. It would take 70 mins and costs 22000yen(200dollars) by taxi. With NearMe airport, it takes 100 mins and costs only 5,980yen (56 dollars). It takes longer than a taxi but considering the price, I think NearMe is the best option. If you used the airport bus it takes more than 120 mins and costs 3,200yen (30dollers). The bus is the cheapest option, but it doesn’t take you the hotel’s door directly. On the other hand, NearMe is taking you to the right door!

Wanna hear the voices??

For Business, 30s

“I always use nearMe when I go on a business trip from Haneda Airport to Fukuoka. I can move from my home to a hotel in Fukuoka by door-to-door. I think it’s also attractive to be able to spend comfortably in a large car without carrying heavy luggage.

For Family, 40s

“When I travel by plane, I always use nearMe. When I have 3 or more people, I am happy that the family discount is applied and it is cheaper. Above all, it is a large and comfortable shuttle from hotel to the airport door-to-door. Our journey begins with nearMe recently.”

Coming to Japan, 20s

“When I go to Japan, I needed to take a PCR test so I was worried that there was no means of transportation, but thanks to nearMe, I was saved. I am very happy to be able to spend my time comfortably.”

How to use it??

There are only 3 steps to get your NearMe to get to your destination!!


From the website, enter the required information!

2.Reservation confirmation

Receive an e-mail about whether you can board within 24 hours. Boarding time and vehicle confirmed by 18:00 the day before your ride.

*They will contact you on the day when you reserve the day before boarding


Comfortable ride on the day. Smooth online payment!

How do you like it? With NearMe airport, your travel would be way easier and way more comfotable! Click the link below to get your destination from the airport!!

NearMe airport


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