Helicopter cruising in Japan with the cheapest price!!

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Hello there, in this article I’m introducing the best and cheapest helicopter cruising in Japan. Lately, more and more people pick up helicopter cruising for their precious travel experience and other special occasions. Also, if you’re planning something special like proposing, “helicopter propose” would be a great way to show your love and the experience would be unforgettable! Let’s make your experience unforgettable!!

The BEST helicopter servise in Japan!

Let me introduce “AIROS” the best helicopter service in Japan to you! AIROS is the most affordable helicopter service in Japan, also it has English support! Basically, AIROS has two courses for your experience, here is what they have!

Helicopter Cruising

You easily book a helicopter cruise with spectacular views of the city!

Helicopter Travel

You can book helicopter flights and accommodation packages. Experience that luxury of an extraordinary journey by air!

There are only few steps to make your dream journy come true!

AIROS has a really easy booking system. There are only 4 steps until you are on the board.

Step 1: Select a Plan

Select the tour that suits you the most on

their website

They also offer consultations through email.

Step 2: Book Your Flight

Upon reservation, their support staff will guide you through the boarding process.

Step 3: Departure

Departures will take place from the closest Heliport from your location.
Shuttling services are offered separately.

Step 4: Cruising

Enjoy the view from above 1700ft. Enhance your flight experience with the bouquet option.


Are helicopters safe?

Their helicopters are properly maintained, and flown by our very experienced team of pilots. They do not compromise safety, and unsafe weather will result in an immediate cancellation.

What happens in the case of bad weather?

When the weather is determined to be unsuitable for a flight, customers can choose to reschedule or request a full refund. Bank transfers may incur an additional cost. Other transportation, accommodation expenses are not eligible for a refund.

How many people can board the helicopter?

Three passengers, excluding the pilot, can board the helicopter. Persons under 3 years of age will be asked to be held in the arms of an adult during the flight, and will not be counted towards being a passenger. Groups of four will be divided into two persons per helicopter. A helicopter for five passengers can be arranged for an additional fee.

Make you trip special with this service!!

Click the link down bellow to check out more information!! Have a safe flight people 🙂

AIROS Skyview


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